My ‘Isolation Skin’ Woes – Yes it’s a real thing

Hello! From me and my pre-isolation skin! Maybe it’s just me, but during isolation, I thought my skin would look the best it has ever looked, after all I have stopped wearing make-up completely and I am still following the strict pre-pandemic cleansing routine that I adopted well into my early teens after struggling with [...]

How I am coping during Isolation – It’s okay not to be okay

*Disclaimer* I don't look like this currently - make up has been absent from my life throughout isolation, because who is going to see me?! Before Boris Johnson put the UK onto Coronavirus ‘lockdown’/isolation, I had an incredibly distorted image of what it would be like. I had imagined myself contentedly sipping tea and happily [...]

Croatia: A Travel Guide

Picturesque Rovinj from the harbour Last September, I went on holiday to Croatia. It had been on my bucket list for a numbers of years as I have known many people that have been and have come back with only good things to say about it. I was excited to be able to experience such [...]

Happy New Year!

I am currently in the depths of limbo that exists between Christmas and New Year, where I have eaten too much and not had enough fresh air; trying to make preparations for my newly organised life from the comfort of my sofa. It’s New Years Eve today and I am a little confused as to [...]

My Mid Year Catch-Up

The fact that I am writing a mid year catch up is frightening, but also completely mind boggling – it can’t possibly be the end of June already when we’ve barely had a summer. What is even more startling, is that my last post was nearly six months ago. My absence has been quite deafening despite starting [...]