5 Easy Ways to Upgrade your Self-Care Routine

If you aren’t practising ‘self-care’ or learning to love yourself then are you even a millennial? In our stifling, yet animated modern day society it is not surprising that there is a fresh prominence surrounding the notions of ‘self-care’ and ‘self-love’. Nonetheless, I have always had a problematic relationship with these concepts. I have spent [...]

I tried Pasta Evangelists

Who else’s pre-isolation hobbies largely revolve around eating out, because mine certainly do. I keep finding myself desperately craving my favourite Italian restaurant, because who doesn’t love a gigantic bowl of comforting, carby goodness? Although I promptly set to work attempting to recreate some of my favourite pasta dishes early on into the lockdown, I [...]

How I am coping during Isolation – It’s okay not to be okay

*Disclaimer* I don't look like this currently - make up has been absent from my life throughout isolation, because who is going to see me?! Before Boris Johnson put the UK onto Coronavirus ‘lockdown’/isolation, I had an incredibly distorted image of what it would be like. I had imagined myself contentedly sipping tea and happily [...]

Happy New Year!

I am currently in the depths of limbo that exists between Christmas and New Year, where I have eaten too much and not had enough fresh air; trying to make preparations for my newly organised life from the comfort of my sofa. It’s New Years Eve today and I am a little confused as to [...]