The Anxiety Solution: A Review

If you constantly feel worried, insecure, or self critical; if you have ever over-thought every minute detail of every conversation you have ever had, or struggle to make simple decisions like choosing what film to watch on date night or what to eat for dinner for fear of not being able to please someone; if you have ever felt that you weren’t good enough, or positivity evades you completely, then this is the perfect book for you. Completely based upon the latest Scientific research, The Anxiety Solution is the ultimate guide for “a quieter mind [and] a calmer you”.

Chloe Brotheridge is a qualified hypnotherapist and had been “anxious for as long as [she] can remember”. She was an over cautious child and that bled through into adulthood. She suffered panic attacks, felt out of control of her own body and life, and her fears prevented her from doing the things that would make her happy. She was miserable, but knew it was imperative to turn this way of thinking around. Chloe went on a mission to become a calmer, happier person and she is here to share her secrets to help you too.

I have never been diagnosed with anxiety, nor do I speculate that I have it; but after reading the first chapter of The Anxiety Solution, I recognised a lot of my own feelings and the difficulties I have processing emotions and situations with the way Chloe felt. I was intrigued, and I couldn’t help but wonder whether I would actually take something useful from this book to calm down my own over-active imagination. After all, I have never been a believer in self-help books.

But, The Anxiety Solution is an inspiring guide that I consumed in a matter of days. Chloe will help you to understand why you feel the way you do; she will equip you with simple techniques that you can use in everyday life to help manage your emotions, fears and stresses; and she may even have you learn a thing or two about yourself along the way. Simply, Chloe is that friendly wisdom that you crave in your most anxious, worried or scared state, that rationalises what you’re feeling and alleviates (but does not completely banish) those stresses. It is not instantaneous, but she sparks knowledge, understanding and self-reflection and it is an indispensable guide that certainly left me feeling a lot lighter.

Chloe speaks with such clarity and if you want to spend less time worrying – whether its about the simple decisions that you make on a daily basis, or about striving for perfectionism or about the very real pressure of social media – she really does have the potential to help you. I think that everybody can relate to the kinds of scenarios and emotions that Chloe discusses throughout The Anxiety Solution at different stages in their lives and the chapters can be easily be dipped in and out of when life, or your own mind decides to throw you that curve ball. Plainly, The Anxiety Solution, is an accessible guide to a happier, more confident life that I would recommend everybody reads at some stage in their life. I just wish I had read it a lot sooner!

Overall rating – 4 out of 5

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