My ‘Isolation Skin’ Woes – Yes it’s a real thing

Hello! From me and my pre-isolation skin!

Maybe it’s just me, but during isolation, I thought my skin would look the best it has ever looked, after all I have stopped wearing make-up completely and I am still following the strict pre-pandemic cleansing routine that I adopted well into my early teens after struggling with acne for the majority of my life. I have almost doubled the amount of water I am drinking, I have been exercising more frequently than is usual for me and I haven’t eaten chocolate, sweets or processed foods for nearly 3 weeks. My skin has never been so natural and I thought it would thrive.

But out of the blue, I have been plagued with a mammoth breakout that has forced me to return to the antibiotics that I so earnestly tried to avoid after completing a long term course last July and I can’t help nervously picking at my skin. So rather than my skin prospering in it’s new found naturalness, it is in quite a terrible mess. It is extremely frustrating and confusing especially when you think that you are doing everything right. But my new-found natural state has sent my skin into a breakout frenzy.

Alongside praying to the powers that be for super glowy, clear skin, I am trying to keep my skincare regime as simple as possible, and these are my favourite products at the moment that are helping me do this:

Cetaphil Oily Skin Cleanser, £8.99

This is a brand new addition to my skincare routine, after it was recommended by a dermatologist who scolded my use of Tee Tree products; they apparently strip the skin and aggravate acne (who knew?). I eagerly ordered this cleanser (after an extremely awkward video consultation with the GP) and awaited its arrival impatiently. I was filled with excitement and headed straight for the bathroom when it arrived; my skin troubles might be over. I splashed my face with warm water and pumped a small amount of cleanser onto my palm and I was pleasantly surprised with how light and fresh it was. It has a delightfully fresh fragrance and light foaming action that leaves your skin feeling perfectly cleansed. I have always struggled with oily skin and I noticed a huge improvement after just one use. I have been using Cetaphil for over a week now and my skin, aside from a couple of pre-menstrual spots, is looking considerably clearer and far less greasy. I would definitely recommend this product for acne suffers with sensitive skin!

Mask of Magnaminty, Lush, £9 **  

This is also a relatively new product in my skin care regime, that I usually use fortnightly in rotation with a moisturising mask. With 14 naturally occurring ingredients, this product is a great way to exfoliate your skin. All you have to do it smooth it generously over your face (or wherever your skin needs it) and leave it on for around 10 minutes whilst it works it magic. Then simply rinse it away with warm water for instantly renewed and refreshed skin. The combination of ingredients, including peppermint oil, with its cooling and soothing properties, honey with its natural healing and antibacterial qualities, and Kaolin clay that acts as a natural absorber of excess oils, makes this mask particularly good product for acne suffers or those with oily skin. This product is also cruelty free which makes it even more wonderful.

Tea Tree Water, Lush, £6 **

Despite the dermatologists warning against my use of Tea Tree products, I have continued my use of this toner water whilst discontinuing the use of my usual Tea Tree face wash. Like with the Mask of Magnaminty, this product contains 6 naturally occurring ingredients all known for their antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, including Grapefruit, Tea Tree and Juniperberry, that I have found really help to gently cleanse my skin and keep it clear. It can be used in two ways, by either spraying it directly onto your skin for a quick refresh throughout the day, or by spraying it onto a cotton pad and swiping it across your skin to remove any traces of leftover make up, oil or dirt at the end of the day. This is the ideal product for those really struggling with their skin at the moment as it allows you to easily balance oil production in your skin, soothe any irritation whilst still being gentle on the skin.   

** Sadly, since writing this, I have noticed that Lush are no longer accepting orders through their website and have temporarily closed their UK stores, but these products are definitely one for the shopping list when everything returns to normal. You can read more about some of the other skincare products that I have relied on here, and the majority are still available to buy online now.


So, if like me, your skin is not befitting from this new reality in the way that you hoped it would, don’t fret. You are not alone and just take some solace in the fact that it won’t last forever. Just keep doing what you are doing and remember, very few people will see you now anyway!

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