My Mid Year Catch-Up

The fact that I am writing a mid year catch up is frightening, but also completely mind boggling – it can’t possibly be the end of June already when we’ve barely had a summer. What is even more startling, is that my last post was nearly six months ago.

My absence has been quite deafening despite starting the year with plenty of good intentions. If you read my last post you will know that I set myself a number of goals, slightly reluctantly, for the coming year, one of which was to write more. Despite not necessarily being able to achieve this goal yet I am lucky enough to have had a constructive 2019 so far although being half way through the year, I think my goals have shifted slightly.

“Every flower is a soul blossoming in in Nature”

Whilst I am not always a positive person and I struggle with a lot more than I am willing to admit to the people that I love, I do feel like I am in a positive place. I have had a quiet six months of recharging, but I am proud of a lot of things. I have managed to read more, I’ve been more selfish and have taken more time for myself. I have got myself involved in a wonderful charity in Liverpool, I’m happily settling into my new job, my boyfriend and I have just had our one year anniversary and I’ve got heaps of exciting things planned for the latter part of the year. This includes two trips in September – one to with my boyfriend to Croatia and the other to Malta with my mum – there’s a couple of theatre trips planned and the chance of another trip around Christmastime. I am also in the process of planning and writing more content.

Finally, and most importantly, I have become and Aunt for the first time. My brother and his girlfriend had a gorgeous baby girl on 10th May, so I now have the pleasure of being able to watch every step of the way as this tiny human being grows up.

I am feeling completely content.

There are six more months left to go and I am happy with what I have achieved so far, but I want to set myself a couple more goals to really push myself this year:

  1. Save more money – a lot of my money goes on silly, frivolous things, so I want to make a conscious effort to spend less and save more while still having fun.
  2. Be more confident – I’ve never been a confident person, fuelled by self doubt, but I want to expel these feelings to become a happier person.
  3. Spend more time with my grandparents – I can’t believe that this wasn’t one of my goals at the start of the year. I love them both so much, they have been a constant in my life and I always make sure that I see them whenever I can. However, my nan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease just this week and it has made me realise that quality time with them is just so precious.

I hope you are all having a positive 2019 so far!

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